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Barbershop Whispers…Russia” is published by e8Q Technologies LLC. Adam A. Blanco, the author of Barbershop Whispers…Russia”, is a multi-lingual/cultural (English, Russian, Spanish) international entrepreneur, economic development advisor, and C-suite executive with two decades of in-country experience in Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus, and Latin America.

“Barbershop Whispers…Russia” sources and analyzes information from a network of individuals and organizations inside and outside of Russia. We focuses on relevant information useful for businesses with exposure to anything Russia, i.e. commodities, energy, finance, supply chains, and human capital.

We deliver bespoke analysis for use in your business decision making process enhancing your ability to identify opportunities and mitigate risks associated with Russia.

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Emerging Markets Specialist * International Entrepreneur * Eurasia and Latin America * Author